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TradeKey.com Aims to Promote Fair Competition

TradeKey.com is the world's fastest growing online B2B marketplace, not only in terms of various conventional factors but also because of its strong and lasting orientation towards Fair Competition, ultimately helping the growth of B2B industry.

Through its policies, acts and approach towards business, TradeKey.com inculcates and supports fair competition in all the aspects of business society including support towards upcoming business models, price competition, quality management, and services; and condemns the abuse of monopoly powers, competitor bashing, predatory pricing, etc.

The reason TradeKey.com supports fair competition is the realization that such fair competition is the key to growth and competitiveness of the Internet economy. Indeed, fair competition has proven to attract investments, lead to the development of high-tech services/business opportunities, and create high value added employment opportunities. Also, through fair competition TradeKey.com aims to provide consumers with a wider choice of services, distinction through superior customer services, and higher value proposition.

To support fair competition TradeKey.com has taken some major steps including foundation of Women Business Incubation Center to provide a platform to women who have the drive to excel in the field of e-business.

At the same time, TradeKey.com strongly condemns the unfair competition and unethical business practices and focuses on the eradication of unfair business and trade practices such as business conspiracy, violation of contracts, breach of fiduciary duty, misappropriation of trade secrets and other proprietary information, fraud and other unfair business practices that are inappropriate by ethics and illegal by law.

TradeKey.com continues to take steps to stop unfair competition which includes

Strong measures to stop scammers from misrepresenting TradeKey.com and other reputable B2B portals through illegal and unethical practices

Preventing trading of fake and replica products, services; and brands with intellectual property rights and completely swapping out the companies infringing these intellectual property rights

TradeKey.com Launched Women Business Incubation Center (WBIC)

TradeKey.com has launched a full fledge Women Business Incubation Center in order to empower women and develop them as successful e-business entrepreneurs. This initiative will not only help women to play their crucial role in economic development but it will also help them develop and grow their own Internet-based businesses with the flexibility of working from anywhere and anytime. It will also allow them to fulfill their family responsibilities while building their careers and taking care of their financial needs. Women with creative e-business ideas are encouraged to apply by sending an email at wbic@tradekey.com

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