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TradeKey.com Premium Membership provides businesses an amazing online trading experience, backed with proven online marketing techniques and professional consultancy.

By choosing our Premium Membership, businesses can gain the buyer’s trust required for doing business online and increase chances to be reached by genuine buyers looking for products and services.

With Premium Membership, exclusive benefits including the following ones can be availed:

With Premium Membership you can avail exclusive benefits including:

Premium Exposure of selling products in targeted buyer
Top Priority listing in relevant buyer searches
Expert supplier to buyer Match Making services
High Quality and Genuine Sales Inquiries
24/7 Worldwide Advertisement of Products and more
Unique verified suppliers logo which helps businesses to gain   buyers’ trust

Types of Premium Membership
TradeKey.com Premium memberships are mainly categorized in two segments, SilverKey and GoldKey. Each type of membership is designed to address the specific online trading needs of a certain business.

GoldKey Membership – Virtual Marketing Department
GoldKey Membership (GK) allows businesses to become the most powerful trader online. It enables them to offload their Online Marketing activities to TradeKey.com.

GoldKey Membership helps to expand business more efficiently through extensive online advertisements and promotions. As a GoldKey Member of TradeKey.com, businesses will get maximum genuine buyer inquiries which will increases probability of closing more business deals.

Key Highlights of GoldKey Membership:
Genuine Buyer Inquiries
Dedicated Marketing Team
Exclusive Access to Buyers
Extensive Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
State of the art Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Free Consultation from Industry Experts and more

For more information about the GoldKey Membership, please click here

SilverKey Membership
SilverKey Membership is a pass to explore the potential of International Trade. It helps businesses expand their business proficiently through our state of the art priority listing and search ranking services. As a SilverKey Member of TradeKey.com, businesses will get rights to contact with global buyer to promote business and perform professional networking in buyers community.

With SilverKey, the following benefits can be availed:
Online Showroom of products
Premium Priority listing
Significant Level of Trust
Verified supplier status and more

For more information about the SilverKey Membership, please click here

In addition to the powerful and effective features of premium memberships, TradeKey.com offers value added services that further empowers the businesses to develop and maintain strong online presence and explore numerous business opportunities that are available regionally and internationally. Following is the list of some of the value added services offered by TradeKey.com to its premium members:

1.Web DHS
2.Unlimited Products
3.Corporate SEM Service
4.Top Rank
6.Keyword Banner
7.Company Brochures and Certificates
8.Sub Accounts
9.Company Video Introductions

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